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#397733 - the next day was tuesday only one more day till the night we were by ourselves the hole day i spent sitting in the lounge room wattching bliars mum cleaning and doing little choores around the house then that night i went to sleep on the couch and woke up 10 in the morning on wednesday and bliar and his dad had already left. i had experined this before but with a girl around my age she had shaven her cunt but fiona had a slight pricly cunt i loved it. then after i had eaten i went for a shower then grabbed a towel and rapped my self in it and went to get changed in blairs room but when i got ther i couldnt find my bag so i asked finona if she new were it was she said to me in a sly voice that it was in her room.

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Chiyo mihama
Fucking great edit this took time look at some of my edits
Hex maniac
Que belo muy rico