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#210027 - While Allison was passed out I decided what more I could do to her to punish her, her ass was broken her asshole looked like a loose vagina it wasn’t enough to make up for the years of neglect and embarrassment she caused me all through school, I felt my erection start to spring back to life in my Pants I let loose my big cock and rubbed it against her crimson stained asshole and lunged it deep inside her ruptured poop tunnel and fucked her hard causing her to wake up from her slump inducing more pain and pleasure towards Allison’s asshole I rammed my whole shaft in and out of her hard and fast I could see her blood and shit stain my cock as I thrust deeper into her asshole I saw the drops of blood splash all over my stomach and drip down into her pussy I reached around to feel her pussy it was soaked I moved in 4 fingers inside her and leaned over to her ear plunging my cock deeper into her ass “your face says no no but your pussy says yes yes” I whispered in her ear Allison s

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Hasuki komai
That was perfection those lips huging the dildo we need more of that please
Disgusting lmfao
Lloyd irving
I wish adrianna would only do interracial