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#225242 - Here the eggs would be safe from any disturbance from the exterior and safe from bugs, the worm in the brain would release a huge amount of dopamine, Sebastian couldn’t move a single limb, only feel pleasure, he could feel how his cock was getting extremely hard, twitching and with its foreskin pulled down. It only had one mouth and it seemed to lack internal organs, it could move by its own, it started moving towards the boy’s cock and introduced its mouth inside the boy’s stiff cock. The woman’s pussy started squeezing them inside but this was no problem for them, once they made their way ahead they found the cervix, the cervix identified them as exterior agents who must be destroyed, it started releasing mucus to protect itself from the parasites, the parasites started wriggling around the cervix and destroyed the mucus-shell with their mouths, they ripped it apart and left it defenseless.

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