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#365221 - It's Christmas eve and u've called to say you wont be home for Christmas so I planned to have everyone come to me so im not alone on Christmas so I finish what I got to do and make my way upstairs and b4 I get there there’s a knock at the door and I turn back and answer it, Miss Carroll 2 the bloke asks, Who's asking I reply Can you sign for this He asked I nod my head sign and off he goes, I open the box and there I see before me sexy underwear and a note saying ' hey babe, sorry I cant be home this Christmas but here is a gift for you to say im sorry and I want you to wear this to bed so would you plz do this for love you for eva ur babe' as you walk up the stairs with the underwear I sneak in the back door and follow you up the stairs very quietly I walk in to our bedroom and pull out the baby doll and thong and smile 'wish you were here to see me in it babe' I say as I undress and pull it on and I feel mega sexy I run my hands over my tits an

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