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#362192 - Kelli had fun with Ben, enjoying the few slow dances they did plus a couple of bump and grinds, he was grinding his crotch against her ass and she was getting horny it felt like he had an impressive package, they left the dance about 15 min before everybody else to go hang out in his car, making out, his hands on her breasts, groping and making her moan into his mouth, he lowered her dress and sucked the nipples of both breasts till they were hard as rocks and bruised, all red and glistening with a light purplish color starting to spread over them from his sucking so hard, her pussy was sopping and she had completely forgotten about the chastity belt until his hand reached down to stroke her pussy and got metal instead, he lifted her dress in frustration, looking down and growling in anger when he saw the belt what the fuck? you got a key to this right?' when she shook her head and bit her lip, groaning in frustration he snapped, smacking her you fuckin tease, you dont have an

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Sasuke uchiha
Nice blonde
Emi hanner
Wow so sexy
Chiaki nanami
Damn these men look good