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#234940 - Tina walked around him again and trailed the ridding crop down his spine, making him arch slightly with shivers, Tina pulled the leather shorts down on him reveling his milky white ass cheeks, she grabbed them in her hands and massaged them, then spread them apart, you've been a naughty boy for mommy haven't you Matty?, he whimpered please Tina please let me go you don't wanna do this!, she laughed a hearty laugh yes actually I do wanna do this and I will with that she pulled a leaver causing the chains on the celing to move and start to force him down onto his knees, when he was there she pulled another one the forced him on his hands, Tina grabbed his ass again in her hands and spread the cheeks as far as they would go, ever given anal Matty?, he whispered back yes, why?, now its your turn she said as she squeezed cold jelly onto his asshole, then sliding a finger into his ass and spread the jelly around, Matt cried out and jerked forward. He thought to h

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