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#91645 - As it wasn’t the weekend it was a strange remark to make, but I brushed it off and got my stuff together and left the office, I was the last of the girls to leave, I said goodbye to jack and walked to the lift, the building was almost empty and I got out the lift in the lobby and was greeted by the security guard Richard, he was tall dark and handsome, and was always making rude comments to the women in the office block, he was only 23 but was very cock sure of himself, but I always felt safe around him, he had a way about him that made him flirty and chatty even though he was half my age… he would always complement me on what I was wearing, often askin if I was wearing tights or stockings under my short skirt, or if I was pleased to see him if it was chilly outside, and my nipples were poking through my blouse, I just took it all in fun, and gave as good as I got from him. I saw my hubby Peter, in his car in the carpark and walked over to him, he got out and kissed my cheek, then op

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