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#69845 - “I-I’m on the edge!” “S-so close now!” “Do it faster!” “Oh yessssssss, faster, faster!!!” “Ohhhhhhh fuck!” “I’m cumming so fucking hard!!!” With those words Rhonda Burns hips lurched forward as an orgasm of brutal intensity slammed into her cunt like a freight train out of control! With her hips bucking around like a wild animal, it was all Kim could do to keep her finger in contact with the incredibly distended clitoris! Then it was over! Rhonda lay relaxed back in the water with a satisfied smile on her face and a small sigh escaping her lips! “That was wonderful!” she said with a smile. ” “Well don’t worry,” Rhonda chuckled, “I promise not to bite!” Kim dipped the dry wash cloth into the warm water and picked up a bar of lilac scented soap before rubbing them together to form a frothy suds. Burns!!!” Kim gasped as her finger tip flicked over her hard little nub.

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