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#138195 - Thirty minutes later she lay across his lap in just a fluffy dressing gown and spoke for the first time “that was filthy and perhaps disgusting, but it was the most exciting thing I have ever done I felt like a slut and loved it”They talked for what seemed like hours in fact until Helen fell asleep, she’d loved Sabre fucking her his size, his fur on her skin even the scratches on her hips. “hands flat on the table legs nice and wide” once again I spoke firmly there was no going back for Helen. I took the bull by the horns “I think big Jim needs you Helen” I spoke the words quietly and firmly, while taking her calf and upper leg firmly to steady her as she dismounted firstly the sill and then the steps.

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Chidori tenryou
Haha you are so jealous of that woman you wish he was nutting on your face
Mao amatsuka
Do you want a hot shower with me