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#301889 - “Under the towel, you covered it up,” Midori answered in a still shaky voice. But for the sheer excitement of it all, she couldn’t remember a time when sucking a hard pecker was more arousing! It was as big as the middle finger of and average size man, making it about three and a half inches long and not very thick! While she loved sucking cock, after a while a big dick became uncomfortable as it stretched your jaw muscles to the max, while Angela’s pecker was just perfect for sucking!!! She was just about to pull of to ask if it could ejaculate when out of the blue Angela moaned loudly while sending a surprisingly large load of hot cum into her not quite ready mouth! “My goodness, girl!!!” Midori exclaimed breathlessly. “Why don’t you eat this while I twist these!?!” Now leaving her gaping vagina open and available, Midori took her hard nipples between her fingers and began twisting them roughly.

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Aoi miyamori
This is legit the greatest challenge to no nut november of all time
Those are some nice tits