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#50903 - We were together years ago. A metal collar around her neck and one more at each wrist kept her open and exposed. Maybe if the whipping gets intense? It goes through my mind again and again, powering my right arm as it goes up and down and up and down and faster now and harder and the stripes across the tender flesh of the underside of her titties are getting brighter and brighter and now there are tiny beads of red showing up and I can feel the blood lust she talks about and something red is shining in front of my eyes and I hit harder now, harder and now the lines are red and she's moaning and crying out and her hips are shaking and don't fucking believe it again, I don't fucking believe it she's starting to cum and I swing harder, harder than I thought I could and little drops of red are flying everywhere and she is an animal now and moaning and growling and begging for more and her pussy is soaking and she shoots a stream of something gushing out between her l

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