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#341325 - such a small kid on his first time, and I just couldn't even move for masturbating just a little bit more, and now, lonely on a dirty dark room, having no response of his both strongly bound arms and legs, perhaps already liking this a little bit more every half of an hour, I just began to cry. And not saying a single word, she just grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of her, standing in front of an Asian old-man, who did just looked at my barefoot white feet, and pay close attention to the blue-eyes I had, knowing that I had a rare golden hair, then he looked at my mother's face waving his head up and down, and gave two enormous bags filled with a strange currency, then he took a large ablaze metal, and the woman that was no longer my mother, made a strong wrestling from behind me, grabbing my both arms, and pulling my little face down from my neck, using her both hands, so the old man I now belonged to could hit my chest with that large ablaze metal, but, of course, h

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