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#40646 - Perkins to take over!!! It was plain to see that this was not the first time that he had done this, because as he walked over to her, he was shedding his clothing! His now hard pecker stood at attention just above the warden's sloppy cunt, but before he stuck it inside of her, she leaned forward and took him into her mouth, greedily sucking it, deep throating the big dick and making him moan with pleasure! Before he could cum though, she released him from her mouth and directed it into her slit, and with one big thrust, he buried it deep into the pussy of the warden, causing her to scream as he pounded away at her defenseless quim, unitl in only a matter of minutes, the two of them were having a simultaneous orgasm while Sgt. Once you were a member, nobody from another gang would touch you for fear of retaliation, but the only problem was that being a member, Gloria and her partners could make you do anything they asked, from fucking a guard for drugs or eating the warden's

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