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#408892 - but she promised me that her mom wouldn't find out about it and eventually i gave in and told her that she could stay here but only for the nite and then she had to go home. soon i made my way up to her neck stripping her top and bra off as i made my way up her body eventually kissing her lightly on the lip's and then it got more passionated as my tongue found her's and she started to lick her virgin juices off my tonge i asked her if she wanted to do it right here on the couch or would she rather do it in my bed where it's more comfortable and all i got from her was a nod of her head on the second option as i lifed her up in my arm's and carried her through my house and into my bedroom and very gentley laid her on the bed as i just laid there on top of her admiring her beauty for as long as possible before i broke it but apparently someone else had other idea's and that's whne she pushed me onto my back and startd to take over in the love making sess

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