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#75852 - I returned home later in the evening, and found Ann sipping a glass of wine, and told her that I was out with Will, talking about what he wanted to do about a bachelor party, so she asked me what we were going to do for it, as she was invited to the bachelorette party, but being she was not a big drinker, she was only going for a couple hours. As her orgasm subsided, I lightly played with her, until she asked me to stop, as she was too sensitive. After a while of talking, I got up and thanked her for the good time, and headed back to my tent, only to find my wife waiting, asking me how it was, I told her it was not as wonderful as I thought, but was fun anyway, she said Will had come by to see if she was interested also, but she had told him not yet, I asked why she had turned him down when I new the attraction that was there, and she said because Steph was still not ok with them doing it, she decided to wait, and Will finally agreed to wait also after some begging.

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